Dream walking

4 12 2022

Big grey boy Skywalker grazes peacefully among summer’s grama grass, glowing in winter sunlight. Some days just have that indefinable sense that all is beautiful and right with the natural world.



6 responses

4 12 2022
Karen Schmiede

The force is with him!

5 12 2022

It flows effortlessly through him. 🙂

4 12 2022
Sue E. Story

😍 A “golden moment.” I absolutely love that light pouring it’s glitter on everything, including our beautiful Skywalker!

5 12 2022

I love that gilding light!

5 12 2022

So glad to see this magnificent boy who has kept to himself at time over the years.what a guy.

5 12 2022

He doesn’t have a family in the traditional sense, but he’s definitely *with* (a) family. 🙂 He’s looking very well!

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