Base of gold

3 12 2022

Enough late-season vegetation still covered the basin when I took this photo that it’s hard (impossible) to see that the snow at Terra’s hooves was still mostly unbroken by melting fairly early that morning.

The snow is mostly gone now – except on some slopes and shaded ridges and arroyo walls – but it’s so wonderful how a simple dusting of the frozen white stuff transforms any landscape!



6 responses

3 12 2022
Sue E. Story

That last dusting of snow out there has been so beautiful. And Terra is so pretty – I’m loving her “curls!”

3 12 2022

Even in a still photo, those little windblown “curls” help convey the feeling of movement, helped along by the breeze we nearly always have. 🙂

3 12 2022
Karen Schmiede

Very cool looking!

3 12 2022

Beautiful contrasts!

3 12 2022

Need snow to continue into the winter to fill the ponds and catchment. Amazing horses on the land, freedom.

3 12 2022

Indeed we do! We’re going to need a whole lot more white. 🙂

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