Shadow across the mountains

12 01 2022

It’s nice to see the mountains with a fresh mantle of white, even as we have mud from melted snow. Depending on which side of the slopes you’re on, there’s less (south-facing) or more (north-facing) snow in Spring Creek Basin. When the going gets muddy, walking on snow is much easier – at least for those of us with two legs and flat feet.



6 responses

12 01 2022

Walking on waiting for moisture.

12 01 2022

Yes – and I hope it comes sooner than later. We need more white stuff!

12 01 2022
Karen Ann Schmiede

Hopping for more moisture!

12 01 2022


13 01 2022
Sue E. Story

Step-stoning on patches of snow to avoid the mud. I too know about that! 😊
Those mountains look good, TJ.

13 01 2022

Yep, they sure do!

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