What are they up to out there?

22 05 2021
(BLM rangeland management specialist Garth Nelson pushes dirt into a trench laid with pipe from the water tanks while herd manager Mike Jensen, range tech Daniel Chavez and seasonal weed-sprayer Jim Cisco shovel dirt into the trench along the “front” of the tanks to cover the pipe. A roof with a gutter will pipe rainwater/snow into the tanks, and the pipe in the trench directly in front of me as I take this pic will run water to the trough, which will be on a float.)

We’ve had some big doin’s out in Spring Creek Basin recently.

Remember when our BLM folks (herd manager Mike Jensen and Tres Rios Field Office Manager Connie Clementson) updated our herd management area plan last year? Remember the two new water catchments that were proposed (and approved) in that EA?

Our first tanks for the first of those water catchments are in the ground. 🙂 That’s phase one of the project; phase two is coming. It will take me a bit to consolidate several days of work into a nice little post to detail their work. That’s coming, too. But just in case you wondered what the heck our BLM guys are doing out in Spring Creek Basin these days … this is a bit of an answer. 🙂

And in best of all news, we actually got a decent drizzle of rain in Disappointment Valley yesterday! No, the catchment isn’t at the point of catching that rain, but soon. … Hopefully very, very soon … !


If you’re in Norwood, Colorado, this evening, join us at The Livery (1555 Lucerne St.) for Kat Wilder’s first in-person reading to celebrate the publication of her memoir, “Desert Chrome”! Folks will start to gather around 6 p.m. Bring your own camp chair, picnic and beverage for an outdoor gathering. San Miguel County and Colorado state Covid protocols will be followed.



3 responses

22 05 2021

This is great news that the new catchment is in and now lets ask for more rain.
Fill those tanks! Thanks BLM for the work!

22 05 2021
Karen Schmiede

Glad BLM is working for the horses in your area! Hoping for more moisture!

22 05 2021
Maggie Frazier

Is there ANY other HA or HMA that has this type of actual hands-on management? With BLM employees that really care about the wild horses – because I’m not seeing it. This little herd is so fortunate to be where they are. And to have the oversight of someone who cares so much (you). If only…..

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