Wet in the dry

14 04 2021

Kwana drinks from a seep in an arroyo. Most of the water coming to the surface was “downstream” to the right (see next pic). The white stuff is salt.

Yep, it’s as dry out there as it looks.



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15 04 2021

Sure do need rain.

20 04 2021

Yes. In a bad way.

15 04 2021

So sorry it is so dry. Hoping you get some late season storms that will help replenish moisture.

20 04 2021

Thanks. … We sure need something … anything!

15 04 2021
Sue E. Story

Wow. Just a trickle…and it’s only April. Praying for God’s mercy on our parched land.

20 04 2021


16 04 2021

It catches my breath to see Kwana drinking from this seep. How the mustangs search for their water to survive deeply moves me.❤️

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20 04 2021

There’s more water there than it seems. The second pic shows the arroyo just around the bend from where he’s drinking.

18 04 2021

Is the salt from long ago primordial ocean deposits in that area or modern man’s run off of various things used to make us ‘the brightest’ crayon in the box? LOL – Sorry if I asked in what seems a judgemental way – not my intent, just curious about where the salt deposits wash in from – – – 😀

20 04 2021

The former. 🙂 This was all covered by ocean water a gazillion years ago (that’s a technical term employed when one just doesn’t know the actual millions :)). The land is alkaline, the water is alkaline. The salt tends to come to the surface when the ground has had any moisture at all. This and most of the basin’s arroyos tend to originate in the eastern part, which also is McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area; fortunately, no manmade things there to create unnatural runoff. 🙂

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