Winter wave

13 04 2021

Think of this image as part shedding, part brutal wind ruffling the shedding hair of a still-fluffy mustang. 🙂



9 responses

13 04 2021
Maggie Frazier

YUP – not quite there yet – like spring itself! There are flurries in our forecast in the next week!

13 04 2021

Now that is strange!

13 04 2021
Karen Schmiede

Great image! Almost looks like the side of a cliff.

13 04 2021

Reminds me of a Hereford Calf… Thanks TJ for the visual of transitioning Springtime in the wild!

13 04 2021
Sue E. Story

Cool! 😊

13 04 2021

Looks like my pony. She has that same matted coat from wearing her blanket with long hair. She needs a blanket as she is 34 and is beginning to have a hard time keeping weight.

20 04 2021

What a great age your girl has achieved! That’s amazing. 🙂

13 04 2021

Actually thought for a moment it looked like a closeup rim of a red rock mesa.

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22 04 2021

looks like a wave at San Rafael !!!

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