The look of far away

19 03 2021

You envision an enticing view stretching away to the far horizon of Utah, don’t you? Or, perhaps, in the other direction, the Glade (where the aspen grow).

I hate to burst your visionary bubbles. 🙂 There was a hill just there, and we couldn’t see Round Top let alone all the way to Utah. But Maiku sure looks handsome, with his cute little pony ears and his winter beard and scruffy roughy coat … and that lip. … That lip! I’m undone by the lip. 🙂



7 responses

19 03 2021

What a handsome guy!!! Deep in thought.

19 03 2021

Love to know his thoughts ! You’re right about the lip 🙂

19 03 2021
Karen Schmiede

What a cutie!

19 03 2021


19 03 2021
Sue E. Story

Maiku is a one- of- kind, standout, handsome boy! What a great close-up, TJ!

20 03 2021

LOL – years and years ago, when I worked at a truckstop on Eastern Colorado plains, it amazed me how many asked, “We’ve been in Colorado for over 100 miles now – where’s the mountains??” – and I always wondered, “hmmm… you have been driving across flat Western KS most of the day and you expected the mountains to just ‘pop up’ the moment you passed the state line?” – – LOL. overall, for me? I do believe all the ‘jokes about flat KS” really, truly, refer to from about Salina KS to Bennett Colorado – LOL – 🙂

21 03 2021

He is so handsome and that color! I could hug him!

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