Beyond range

17 02 2021

While visiting with Hollywood’s band, exhausted by the snow and trying hard NOT to think about the return tramp to the road, I spotted a couple of other bands in the vicinity. In dry times, I wouldn’t have thought a thing about walking over to visit them, too, before heading back to the road. In dry times, the distances I hike might be daunting to someone who doesn’t regularly hike the distances I hike (!).

With a foot (?) of snow on the ground, lemme tell you: Half the distance seems to take three times as long to cover.

There was no way I was going visiting elsewhere that evening. šŸ™‚

P.S. While walking a trail is noticeably easier than walking across sage- and shadscale- and greasewood-studded ground that often feels like shifting beach sand, retracing your snowshoe path isn’t much different than breaking trail – and I did both. It’s an effort. Of all things, it was my shoulders that hurt when I returned to the comforts of home, and I could barely lift a glass of tea. … But what a MARVELOUS hike through abundant snow with visions of full ponds and waving grass dancing in my head all the livelong way. šŸ™‚



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16 02 2021

Such a beautiful vision you paint with your written words TJ . Thank you, for filling in the long gap of not seeing the mustangs.

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21 02 2021

And thank YOU for your actual paintings of the mustangs, and the stories you carry out to the admirers of your artwork!

17 02 2021
Sue E. Story

I know that feeling, TJ! Those snow-slogs feel a lot longer than they are. šŸ˜Š

21 02 2021

Ha! It’s crazy how much it slows you down. šŸ™‚

19 02 2021

I have lived in Colorado for all but a few weeks here and there during my life – I STILL haven’t every embraced the skills of cross-country skiing or snowshoing – – Winter outdoor and activity just triggers all the the muscles you weren’t aware of – – much like horseback riding (especially bare back riding) do, too, when one hasn’t done for awhile — glad you made it home safe – glad you got glimpse of other bands – beautiful pics and well – – hope your upper major muscles and all have recovered from your exertions!

21 02 2021

I’ve thought about trying to cross-country ski in the basin … but unless I stayed on the roads, it would be too difficult with all the arroyos. Snowshoeing is perfect … and a great workout?! šŸ™‚

21 02 2021

šŸ™‚ I ‘hear’ it is a great workout – LOL – I’m ‘allergic’ to being in the snow for ‘fun’ – LOL – to many years ‘shoveling out to stock/work’ I guess – – LOL

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