15 02 2021

Well, we wanted snow. 🙂 Depending on elevation and drifts, lower to mid-ish Disappointment Valley got between 7 inches and maybe close to 2 feet of snow between Saturday night and late morning Sunday.

Wow. 🙂

Erring on the side of caution, I didn’t venture too far into the basin, and with 2 feet of snow up-valley, I was worried about leaving my vehicle on the edge of the road and hiking in. I wandered all over the place, and I hiked around a wee hill we call Filly Peak, and I found just one band.

As one friend texted: “That’s great water.” Yes. Yes, it is! 🙂



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15 02 2021
Maggie Frazier

Wonderful! We are supposed to get another 5 inches, I guess. There is already about 2 feet on the ground and has been for several weeks. Just like winter USED to be – years ago! Hope there is no February “thaw” ! Real winter is a good thing – possibly an actual spring? Maybe?

15 02 2021

Wonderful! Looks like the Midwest right now. Most importantly moisture, moisture and more moisture for the wild! TJ, be safe

15 02 2021
Karen Schmiede

So glad for the moisture!

15 02 2021

Great water and a beautiful scene ! Dreaming of a very green spring !

15 02 2021

Fabulous! The horses are in great shape and should be able to weather the added moisture. I second the motion of dreaming of a green spring and not so baked summer.

15 02 2021
Sue E. Story

Glad you got this too, TJ! I was hoping. Maybe a little green – and some wildflowers – could be in the offing this spring. 😊

15 02 2021

That is a beautiful site!

15 02 2021

Wonderful! Fantastic 👍👍👍

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16 02 2021

“Great Water” – um,, yes, I resemble that quote – and yet, here and there, for this reason or that, sucks for some, sometimes – – glad to not see horses standing still in chest high drifts or like statues with their muzzle to the ground…cuz many horses and cattle died in that pose, in the ’77 blizzard’ and well – it’s one of my most traumatic memories, and how I often’ view’ snow photos –

17 02 2021

WILD! That is what you are, my friend!

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