Dirty white on white

20 01 2021

For the first time in a couple of tries, the forecasters got it right. For the first time since the end of December, we got snow!

When it first accumulated, the snow felt dry and powdery. Then the temp rose a bit, and even before the sun fought its way clear of the clouds toward the end of the day, that white moisture was seeping into that super thirsty ground.

It’s not all we need (we need SO much more), but it’s great to have snow again! Sundance, of course, makes it look even better.



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20 01 2021


20 01 2021
Sue Story

Sundance and snow. Beautiful. So glad the weather wizards finally got it right this time! Praying for more.

20 01 2021
Marytherese Ambacher

Hurray. A new day with moisture!

20 01 2021
Karen Schmiede

Glad for the moisture! Hope you get a lot more!

20 01 2021

Yayyy snow for y’all ⛄️

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