Don’t look back

31 12 2020

Although here Storm is looking back at another stallion and his band across a steep, deep arroyo, let’s turn our faces forward, away from the global chaos that was 2020.

As another calendar year spreads its as-yet blank days before us, there’s no way to know what lies ahead. A list of “funnies” sent recently by a friend included this gem: “We can all agree that in 2015 not a single person got the answer correct to (this): ‘Where do you see yourself five years from now?'”

Some thrive on chaos – and causing it – and others seek to be the peaceful, quiet power that moves through the days, keeping friends and family close, seeing the beauty (not the drought) in sunny skies, treasuring the clouds (that hold the drought at bay), knowing that in even the smallest, meanest things, there is beauty to behold.

We can be the chaos, or we can be the peace. Maybe sometimes, a little shakeup is good (even if it takes a while to learn the fullness of it); in many times, peace is a balm.

Look forward. See beauty. Know peace.

Happy New Year.



7 responses

31 12 2020

Truly Happy New Year but more than that. Peace in our hearts for others and for ourselves.

31 12 2020

Well said! A Happy New Year to you as well. May Peace reign eternal.

31 12 2020
Karen Schmiede

Happy New Year to all,man and beast!

31 12 2020

Enough chaos for a lifetime. Let the new year realign, renew and refresh !
Happy New Year

31 12 2020
Sue Story

I like that your last photo for 2020 is our elusive and beloved Storm. It seems a kind of portending of better things – what is good but seemingly elusive is always within our reach. Happy new year, TJ, and to all.

31 12 2020
Peggy Brown

Happy New Year’s to you and yours. And to all the beautiful ponies. May the coming year bring peace to their truly wild hearts.

5 01 2021

Beautiful Storm in lovely lighting.

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