The good stuff

19 12 2020

On a zippy trip into the basin before sunset, I couldn’t find any cooperative ponies to photograph, though I saw several. McKenna Peak, however, posed nicely below clearing clouds. If we got any new snow, it was light, but thanks to cold temperatures, we still have a couple of inches of the good white stuff!



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19 12 2020
Karen Schmiede

Hope you get a lot more good white stuff!

19 12 2020

Wow ! Just like a painting ! Must print !
I’m sure those lucky Mustangs are basking in the sun ☀️

19 12 2020

Stunning in its silence and austere beauty.

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19 12 2020

This is a wonderful picture!

19 12 2020
Sue Story

An imposing look from McKenna Peak , TJ! Nice photo.

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