Shadow between earth and sky

11 12 2020

Shadow is ever unwilling to be closer to two-legged admiration than necessary – and even that close seems wholly unnecessary.



7 responses

11 12 2020

What a looker in the Basin! Great picture.

11 12 2020

Thanks TJ, love to start my day with you and the mustangs!!

11 12 2020
Maggie Frazier

The day is always so much better after checking in on your mustangs – they brighten my day

11 12 2020
Karen Schmiede

I agree with everyone!

11 12 2020
Sue Story

Ditto and ditto! 😊

11 12 2020

It really is my pleasure to share the mustangs with you all. 🙂 As much time as I get to spend in their delightful company, it’s only fair that I share some of that wonder and joy. 🙂

11 12 2020

Maybe she has always been a ‘social distancer’ and figures, this year, she is ‘in style’ being herself – but then, I am projecting – cause for introverts, this has been a banner year of not having to explain why….. LOL

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