Facing light

10 12 2020

How does the light seem to strike the mustangs just right, in the most lovely of ways?

Terra’s braids are getting long. When she grazes, she’s close to stepping on the longest one.



5 responses

10 12 2020

What a beauty!

10 12 2020
Karen Schmiede

Very pretty!

10 12 2020

How does one strand grow so much longer:)

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11 12 2020

When the “dreadlocks” form, they’re strands of hair that are tangled with other hairs, no longer growing from the root. So that’s really just an end that has come loose from part of its knot or tangle. Eventually, she *will* step on it or catch it on a shrub or tree branch while rubbing, and the whole thing will come loose. … And eventually, another one will grow. 🙂

10 12 2020
Sue Story

Stunning girl. And that is some braid she has there!

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