Rimrock delight

20 10 2020

Alegre and a couple of her mare buddies seemed slightly affronted when the rest of the band left the water catchment after they all drank and wandered up the hill for better grazing. But once they decided that their friends weren’t waiting and weren’t coming back, Alegre and co. decided they’d better get in gear.

If you look closely – which is to say far away – you might see that the flanks of Utah’s La Sal Mountains were still tinged with gold (about 10 days ago). Now, the aspens have spent their glory, and the cottonwoods are the stars of the riparian shows.



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20 10 2020

Thanks TJ, I love learning about Colorado, Utah nature from you and the Mustangs!!

20 10 2020

It’s usually dry in this high-desert part of the world. … But it’s not usually THIS dry. There’s beauty to be found still, though. 🙂

20 10 2020

Better move on. I feel like that now, move on!
The color is welcomed with such joy and then it is faded. Great picture.

20 10 2020

Stay in motion. From my (serious) biking days: Keep those pedals turning. 🙂

20 10 2020
Sue Story

And the cottonwoods are truly “stars” this year – absolutely glorious! And Alegre looks like a mustang on a mission! I love those horses and their fondness for “togetherness.” 😊

20 10 2020

They’re pretty amazing along the length of Disappointment Creek. I imagine they’re stunning along the Dolores and other rivers, too! In the pic, Alegre had almost reached her goal. The other mares were already grazing, but Hollywood was looking at her like “where ya been?” 🙂

20 10 2020
Karen Schmiede

Love reading your posts . Thank you,TJ!

20 10 2020

It brings me so much joy to share the mustangs with you! 🙂

20 10 2020

TJ, I would love to visit with you…

24 10 2020


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