5 09 2020

Spring Creek Basin’s grand ol’ lady. And make no mistake, she may be a little rough around the wind-knotted-mane edges, but she is a lady. She’s seen the world – her world – and she knows more about you than you know about her. (You’re not that complicated, whereas she is a lady of mystery and secrets.)

She is Houdini, and the ultimate escape is hers … because she’s wild, and she lives it to the wildest.



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5 09 2020

Hear Hear!!
She looks good!

5 09 2020

She’s a little lean, but yes, she looks pretty good!

5 09 2020

Love your description of her ! And such an all knowing look 😉

5 09 2020

Right?! That look that sees right through you. 🙂

5 09 2020

She is beautiful and rocks her ‘summer do’. Is her tail shortened or is that the angle of the photo?

5 09 2020

Yes, her tail is shorter than normal. Several horses ended up with shorter tails … and remember Storm’s mohawk? I still don’t know why.

5 09 2020
Karen Schmiede

She is looking good! How old is she?

5 09 2020

I think she’s in her 30s … at the very least, in her very late 20s. She’s been an elder for a very long time already!

5 09 2020

Houdini is a beautiful grand dame!

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5 09 2020

Yes, she is. 🙂

7 09 2020

What a horse!

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