4 08 2020

It’s not quite “Man from Snowy River,” but all the horses seemed to have fun galloping down this slope, which is the other side of the slope they grazed their way up, and which made a very narrow spine-of-a-saddle between two hills … and two drainages.

Down the hill in the direction Juniper is going (following some of her band, followed by the rest of her band): water.



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4 08 2020
Sue Story

I am always amazed at those mustangs and their agility out there in their desert landscapes! They seem to have been made for that country…or that country was made for them. Either way, it’s a good fit! 😊

5 08 2020

True, that!

5 08 2020

Nothing like a little spinal realignment!

5 08 2020

Ha – they took it at varying speeds near the top (which is where Juniper was in this pic), but by the middle to bottom, they were all galloping – and some were bucking and kicking up their heels. I wish I could have showed the whole scene, but it was a tight perspective. This is *north* of where you hiked in that arroyo that day this spring.

5 08 2020

Really fun to know where they are ! and that they are having some good fun 🙂

5 08 2020

You are the luckiest person to live here and enjoy the wonder of the mustangs. You capture them beautifully in the light!! Breathtaking. Thanks for sending pics TJ. I’m so bummed to not be able to comment on your site!! love, Karen

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5 08 2020

You did comment, Karen. 🙂 Yes, I’m very lucky and blessed.

10 08 2020

Need water!

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