Making the case for rain

16 06 2020

Remember yesterday’s image of Skywalker marching across a hill in the basin? If he looked like he was on a mission, he was. *I* thought he was heading toward a water source, but through a cleft in the edge of the hill that he headed down, he showed me a bigger prize: a couple of bands in the distance, right near the basin’s western boundary, above Spring Creek canyon.

Those bands both have lieutenant stallions, and there’s one (of previously two) bachelor still interested and following one of those bands. So when Skywalker showed up … things got, shall we say, even more *interesting*!

Not very often do I get the opportunity to photograph the horses running and moving and interacting with other bands and bachelors. It’s pretty peaceful here in Spring Creek Basin. But on this evening, wowza – it was action central.

*Important: Although there definitely was some stallion action and interaction, no mustang was injured (beyond some cuts/scrapes) in the excitement of the evening.

In the pic above, one could think that the horses had their own little rain dance choreographed, eh?



8 responses

16 06 2020

WOW TJ!!! Stunning photograph!!!

16 06 2020

How wonderful to see them in action- all frisky and making their statements ! Great, great photo !

16 06 2020
Sue Story

Cool! Great action shot, TJ!

16 06 2020

I was kinda thrilled when I saw things coming together through my lens – light, dust, horses. Hard to watch all the movement … and remember to take pix at the same time! And I get nervous somebody’s gonna get hurt (I know, I know, they’re wild!). I saw a young bachelor the next day, who was nearby but NOT in the fray when I was with them … and he was then on the OPPOSITE side of the basin and sporting a couple of fresh bites marks on his side and flank.

16 06 2020

Thank you for the beautiful desktop background!! Now lets next photograph mud!!

17 06 2020

Now let’s have the rain!

17 06 2020
Sue Story

I know how that is, TJ; it’s so exciting to see all that action (and I’m sure to photograph it!), but like you – wild or not – I don’t want to see anyone get hurt in their “skirfuffles” over the ladies! 😊

22 06 2020
Natalie Heller

Beautiful photograph!

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