Celebrate diversity with love

6 06 2020

Look at those crazy-awesome toes!

Rather than allowing our “differences” to divide us, why can’t we celebrate all the wonderful colors and shades and nuances that make us *unique* – and beautiful?

When did “different” become “bad”? And who gets to decide that they are the baseline of “normal” so that “different” from “normal” also is “bad”?? So what, then, is “DIFFERENT” – and when the heck did it become something to hate and bully and demean? Is that “just” human nature? With all the diversity of this planet … what possible evolutionary advantage is there in being same?

What a world this would be if LOVE ruled our human behaviors. If “different” means that we’re only HUMAN, after all, only one species among many on this big blue (and yellow and red and pink and purple and green and brown and tan and orange and grey and turquoise and black and white) ball. If “different” means engaging our curiosity and asking “how can I get to know you better than I *think* I already do?”

As a journalist, I always thought I was a bit of a square peg trying to fit into a round hole because I never was a “news hound” for “if it bleeds, it leads” type news. My favorite tenure during my journalism days was my time as editor of the Dolores Star, during which I got to learn about people in the community, which also meant celebrating the community and those who lived in it. I liked telling positive stories about the people I met, doing all the interesting things they were doing.

A collaborator once accused me of being a cheerleader. I was cheered by that label, though I never would have embraced it in high school (and I wasn’t; I was in sports and band, and, of course, a horse girl) because it means that I embrace the positive; I embrace collaboration; I embrace partnership; I embrace the successes that come from all of it.

If we *embrace* more – more people, more love, more diversity, more hope – we can celebrate more … more people, more love, more diversity, more hope. See how that all comes around full circle?

Even during COVID-19 – maybe even especially during this time – can’t we achieve all of that? All of anything we want to achieve in the name of love?

Let’s NOT be color-*blind*.

Let’s be open to all the colors and shades brilliant and illuminated in the world.

Let’s be love-OPEN.



7 responses

6 06 2020

Amen! Today, let there be Love and Peace everywhere!

6 06 2020
Maggie Frazier

Very well said – the recognition that difference is good. Different opinions, different viewpoints, difference “colors” – white is a color too! That seems to be forgotten.

6 06 2020
Maggie Frazier

Should have read DIFFERENT colors! Sorry.

6 06 2020

Good point!
Love not Hate.

6 06 2020

End racism!!

7 06 2020

Amen! Thanks for being you and loving horses and people.

9 06 2020


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