Greying and blueing

7 05 2020


People have been wondering (according to our news channel) if and when they can return to swimming pools this summer. The mustangs wonder whether they’ll have enough water to fill their pony pools.

Storm and his band and another couple of bands found a seep that has a nice little pony-size pool right in the middle of it, and, as the gnats are making their appearance (!), they’re using it as much as a wading pool as a place to drink.

It’s a bit mucky, and that’s why our boy looks a bit greyer than grey as he saunters after his band on a warming day in the springtime.



2 responses

7 05 2020
Karen Schmiede

Hoping for some moisture for the horses!

8 05 2020
Sue Story

Wouldn’t you know – come dry or high water…or seep, the gnats will be sure to make an appearance! So glad there a few “secret” pony springs here and there!

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