That light, that place, those mustangs

13 04 2020


“You know how I like it when they walk.” ~ Ron Weasley

Harry Potter fans will recognize that quote. 🙂 In the magical world of mustangs, who DOESN’T like it when they walk?!



8 responses

13 04 2020

They walk or run so faraday to day!

13 04 2020

Sometimes they amaze even me how far they go, even in a couple of hours!

13 04 2020

Poor Ron-got his girl in the end !
Gorgeous photo ! All about the light..

13 04 2020

He did, didn’t he? Ha!

13 04 2020
Karen Schmiede

Love their walk,and run!

13 04 2020

Me, too. 🙂

13 04 2020
Sue Story

I like everything about them! 😊

14 04 2020

Indeed. 🙂

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