Who doesn’t want to saunter?

4 04 2020


Hayden knew I needed a shot of that big wide open, and so he consented to mosey away from his band for a bit so I could include his magic presence.

In truth, he just likes to mosey. Here, he’s walking back to where they were still hanging out with me. 🙂

We were in a far eastern part of Spring Creek Basin, and this is looking across to the La Sal Mountains in southeastern Utah.



6 responses

4 04 2020

Beautiful shot of the expanse that included the snow. Hope you got some of that moisture…

4 04 2020
Karen Schmiede

Very beautiful!

4 04 2020
Debbie Parish

This is an absolutely beautiful landscape shot, enhanced by Hayden. I assume the snow-capped mountains are the La Sal in Utah? Sauntering is especially meaningful to those of us hampered by social distancing in the populated areas in Texas, and elsewhere.

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4 04 2020
Sue Story

I know where you are, TJ! Such a great spot for the “long view” but made even more breath-taking with Hayden and his “mosey” punctuating the scene! That view is calling my name. 😊

5 04 2020

Guess what? You are home, stay there. You are safe.

6 04 2020
Lynn and Kathy

Beautiful shot!

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