Calm before the rain?

18 03 2020


The Denver news weather woman talked about coming weather that might feel more like winter than spring. … Like that would be a bad thing, especially because we in the southwestern corner of the state are wondering who stole our winter.

Bring the rain, bring the snow! Just bring the MOISTURE!



6 responses

18 03 2020

Looks good!

18 03 2020

Cloudy and promising this morning!

18 03 2020
Karen Schmiede

Hope you get a lot of moisture in any form!

18 03 2020

Me, too! That last rain we got was significant for us – 0.71 inch – but it soaked right in, real quick. We need the kind of rain that fills ponds. Thanks for the wishes! 🙂

18 03 2020
Sue Story

Amen and amen, TJ! Nothing here but those angry clouds that do nothing but scowl at us while happily producing no moisture of any description!😣 We keep praying.

18 03 2020

We’ve been getting little waves of light rain (OK, sprinkles, really) since this morning. We even had a partial rainbow early this morning! From there to here and here to there, up and down, back and forth, out and in, it’s damp, it’s dry, it’s damp again. In short: “rain” in Disappointment Valley! 🙂

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