11 02 2020


Skywalker moseyed through the shadscale following his bachelor buddy. He was less interested in glamour shots than in his path. I took a few shots and backed away from his greatness. 🙂



4 responses

11 02 2020

Skywalker the great, I think! Still remember the sight of him the day after born all black with a white spot on side. Amazing how the colors change over the years.

11 02 2020
Karen Schmiede

Cool dude!

11 02 2020
Sue Story

😍😍 What can I say – he rocks my world! And like Pat, I remember how black he was once. He’s s gorgeous in any hue!

12 02 2020

He IS pretty great. 🙂 You can still kinda see the remnants of that side-spot … if you know where to look. His big blaze has faded as he greys, of course, but Sue is right, he’s gorgeous in any hue!

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