We *heart* Sundance

4 02 2020


Is it just me, or does that bit of a mud smudge on Sundance’s belly look like a little heart?

We were surrounded by mustangs here; there are some in the background, not really visible from this angle, and there was a band behind me. He’s looking in their direction, though he couldn’t see them over the hill.

He was completely calm … grazing along, eating some snow. Plenty to go around. 🙂 This is in the far eastern part of Spring Creek Basin; it’s a bit higher, and there’s more lingering snow.



4 responses

4 02 2020

TJ, I think you are correct!! Thanks for the gift of Sundance!

4 02 2020

How sweet

4 02 2020
Karen Keene Day

Beautiful picture and handsome Sundance.

6 02 2020
Sue Story

Sundance. What can I say, always a vision, always handsome, always the icon. And yes, TJ, I think that is a mud heart on his belly. How fitting!

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