Happy Mother’s Day!

13 05 2018


Huge love to all mothers, whether your babies have two legs or four, all days, especially this day. 🙂

Especially, love to my mom, Nancy, who instilled in me many fine attributes … most especially, my love for horses!


Beautiful faces

12 05 2018


These beauties are in the bay stallion’s band at Green Mountain. I got to sit on a rock for a while with them. We had a bit of sunshine before some welcome rain rolled through the area.

Windy Wyoming

11 05 2018


We’ve had our share of wind in Disappointment Valley. But it’s true what they say about that ol’ Wyoming wind. … It doesn’t seem to bother the wild ones much.

Good golly gorgeous

10 05 2018

Grey stallion in Green Mountain Herd Management Area, southwest of Casper, Wyo.


My mommy will protect me

9 05 2018


You’ll recognize this cutie from the previous post. She was very curious. And very proud of being nearly as tall as mama. (She liked to hook her chin over mama’s back.)

Mama, meanwhile, was busy with groceries. 🙂

Here’s looking at you, kids!

8 05 2018


These two Green Mountain youngsters (probably a 2-year-old (foreground) brother and yearling sister) were attached at the hip and by far the most interested in me of anybody else in their band.

Sweet babies with a stunning background!

My pretties

7 05 2018


These are members of the bay stallion’s band in Green Mountain Herd Management Area. The black mare in the foreground is the sorrel foal’s mama, and the black mare in the background is the mama of the stunning little pinto baby, who was pretty little and new-ish.

It’s a pretty beautiful place to grow up WILD!