Little, wild, free

26 03 2019

S'aka; Spring Creek canyon

Really. One word. And they all mean “gorgeous”!

The curve of rimrock is the north rim of Spring Creek canyon (through which Spring Creek is STILL flowing). Beyond is more of Disappointment Valley (Spring Creek Basin is a tucked-away little paradise in Disappointment Valley). The mustangs can’t go beyond the rimrocks.



5 responses

26 03 2019
Maggie Frazier

Your rimrocks are the type of NATURAL barriers all herds should have – instead of fences!

26 03 2019

We do also have fences. More of the herd management area is fenced than has natural boundaries. I imagine many other places are the same.

26 03 2019

Beautiful, looks as if he all by himself, fortunately he has many to keep him happy!!

26 03 2019
Sue Story

The little guy is looking so good! And what a great photo of him and his natural fence!

29 03 2019

I love the rimrocks!

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