Run, Spring Creek, run!

19 03 2019

Skywalker and S'aka in Spring Creek, in Spring Creek Basin.

You’re about to read something you might not ever read on this blog again:

These mustangs are in Spring Creek.


Spring Creek actually is flowing in Spring Creek Basin these days, and it’s flowing from snow melt – and rain – and it is providing the horses with more than a flash of drinking water. This is the first time I’ve really known the arroyo that is Spring Creek to run with snow melt. Usually, it flows for a limited time after a significant rain event, and then it’s a dry arroyo again.

This has been an unusual winter in many ways.

Now, our Spring Creek Basin mustangs are enjoying water in Spring Creek, and it’s a beautiful world after all. 🙂

(Spring Creek and its tributary arroyos – many of which also are running or at least trickling with water right now – drain Spring Creek Basin, which really is a large geographic “bowl.” Water drains out of the basin and flows in the Spring Creek arroyo across lower Disappointment Valley to Disappointment Creek, and from there to the Dolores River. Usually, all those arroyos are dry, and Spring *Creek* is a misnomer. The mustangs always are in Spring Creek *Basin* Herd Management Area. They’re rarely in Spring *Creek* because it – and the other arroyos – usually are simply dry washes or ditches or drainages.)



5 responses

19 03 2019
Sue Story

It’s such a blessing that this has been “an unusual winter,” and in such a good way – unlike last year. We are endlessly grateful for all of the moisture and cool, clear water in abundance for the mustangs!

19 03 2019

This winter, this year … already SO different and better than last year. Endlessly grateful, indeed. 🙂 And I had to laugh when I finally saw horses “in Spring Creek”! 🙂

19 03 2019

What a wonderful gift of NATURE – moisture and WILD!! Thanks TJ

19 03 2019

What a great picture of the wild ones in the water of Spring Creek!

19 03 2019
Karen Schmiede

So glad for Spring Creek to be flowing!

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