Mariah, oh Mariah

3 03 2019

Mariah; La Sal Mountains

We had nearly a day yesterday of not-white wet stuff – aka rain. 🙂

Days like the one pictured above, just a week or so ago, are days of the (very) recent past.

Days like that could come again. After all, it’s March in Colorado, and March in Colorado is typically the wettest month in Colorado. 🙂

Moisture is moisture, and we in winter Colorado love moisture because it means summer Colorado – particularly in our high-desert southwestern corner of Colorado – will reap the benefits.

More rain is in the forecast. 🙂

And the wind is howling … !



3 responses

3 03 2019

Love the rain. Grass for the horse in summer!

3 03 2019
Sue Story

That is a great “winterscape,” TJ, and made all the more beautiful with Mariah in the center of it all! So grateful for our continuing moisture!

3 03 2019
Marytherese Ambacher

Oh, her beautiful face!!

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