Another great pinto, another great view

4 02 2019

Reya; Spring Creek canyon; La Sal Mountains

Reya, perfectly at home.

Our snow is gone, but our ground is SOGGY again. We got at least half an inch of rain yesterday, and news from up-valley is that Disappointment Creek is *raging*! This is good for our coming year.


Went back and forth … finally decided to note that today is the sixth anniversary of Pati Temple’s passing. Even if you’re a new reader, you likely have picked up on how special Pati was to us and the mustangs of Spring Creek Basin. For Christmas, we got the news that Temple Butte’s name is official. It’s bittersweet that we honor her that way. We’d definitely rather have her with us … but she is, an angel with us always.



4 responses

4 02 2019

Wonderful news about the creek.

4 02 2019
Marytherese Ambacher

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Wonderful tribute to Pati.

4 02 2019

In spite of mud, the happy news is moisture is a blessing. Glad the water is running.

5 02 2019
Sue Story

It is so fitting that “Temple Butte” is a reality as you remember her today.

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