3 11 2018

Mule deer does and fawns in Spring Creek Basin.

So begins the worst, busiest, most anxiety-inducing week of the year in Disappointment Valley: third rifle season. Deer and elk are the targets.



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3 11 2018
Maggie Frazier

“third” rifle season? You mean there have already been 2 more? I understand the anxiety – will be deer season here in a week or two – I have to admit its not as scary as it used to be – not as many “hunters” – BUT still nerve-wracking.
I feel for you and for the horses (also the elk & deer). Be safe.

3 11 2018

Yes, two previous rifle seasons, and after third comes fourth season. And before the rifle seasons, there were archery and muzzleloader seasons. And of course, there are seasons (rifle and archery) for bears and, later this winter, mountain lions. At least our pronghorns aren’t hunted (we saw a marvelous group of 12 the other day). And the hunters seem to ignore the horses (other than seeing them run from the noise of their ATVs and UTVs). Still nerve-wracking, indeed.

3 11 2018
Sue Story

They’re here. 😦 Keep up your patrols, TJ! Besides all the usual things that are annoying, this year I worry about unattended fires too.

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