Blessed are those who wait for rain

8 10 2018


We’re not the most patient lot … but we just might be the most grateful. 🙂

Colorado Highway 141, across the top of the screen, runs across the broad, lower, northern end of Disappointment Valley. Southeast of the rightmost 141 marker and south of the open space in the green blob that is life-giving rain is Spring Creek Basin. The rain has fallen fairly steadily with small breaks since Saturday mid-afternoon.

The world as we know it is SOGGY. And it’s FABULOUS.



5 responses

8 10 2018

Thank you Mother Nature for your many gifts that help sustain our WILD!!!

8 10 2018
Karen Schmiede

Thanks be to God for the rain.

8 10 2018
Sue Story

Same radar I saw, TJ! So glad you and the mustangs were included in this, and we thank God for a little rest from the drought!

8 10 2018
Maggie Frazier

Welcome to soggy!! At last.

9 10 2018

Yeah, now take a break!

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