After the smoke, gold

18 08 2018

Puzzle and Spirit under the rainbow.

We got a drizzle of rain Thursday, and it dampened the smoke. An update from the Forest Service about the Plateau Fire noted that because of the rain, the amount of smoke might now be less: “Fire managers believe that Thursday was the last day of significant smoke that will come off the Plateau Fire.” We can hope!

To get the full view of the horses (Puzzle and Spirit) with the rainbow dropping its gold onto Filly Peak, from a vantage up-slope, I had to use the cell phone.

It was a peaceful, beautiful evening in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂




5 responses

18 08 2018

Thank you, what a gift you share each day with your talent!! Be safe. Sending intentions for more moisture!!

18 08 2018
Karen Schmiede

What a great picture! Wishing for rain.

18 08 2018
Sue Story

We had a little rain too…and a rainbow as well! The only thing missing was those beautiful mustangs. You’ve got it all goin’ on, TJ! 🙂

19 08 2018

What could be better!

20 08 2018

So peaceful!

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