Red at night

10 08 2018


Thursday may have been the most smoky day yet in Disappointment Valley. The air smelled like the entire region was having a community barbecue.

West Guard Fire (south of Spring Creek Basin): 1,424 acres, 90 percent contained.

Plateau Fire (southeast of West Guard Fire; north of Dolores): 10,673 acres, 36 percent contained.

Bull Draw Fire (northwest of Nucla): 8,700 acres, 35 percent contained.

Moccasin Mesa Fire (Mesa Verde National Park): 185 acres, 100 percent contained.

Buttermilk Fire (north of Montrose): 748 acres, 70 percent contained.

We continue to send prayers to those affected … as well as gratitude to the firefighters working all these fires … and all those around Colorado and the West. We’re stuck firm and fast in the exceptional drought category.

We’re so thankful our mustangs are in good shape. They have water and forage and each other. While the humans worry, life goes on in Spring Creek Basin.



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