Relief in the desert

3 07 2018

Terra and Kestrel

Terra and Kestrel drink from an arroyo seep that has been quietly and consistently producing water during these hot, terribly dry days.

Most of the curve of the arroyo is in the shade, and part of it runs into the sunshine. This photo was taken in the late evening, but even during these long summer days, with the sun high overhead, I think this little nook is mostly shaded.

I had been wanting to explore this area for the last several weeks, knowing from previous years that a seep was here, but it wasn’t until I saw Kestrel leading her band that I knew where she was likely headed – and had time to follow them.

Particular note: If the horses had been at all bothered by my presence, I would have left immediately.  I spend a lot of time with these mustangs, always quietly and at their direction (paying close attention to their comfort level). This is already a stressful time for them, and under no circumstances would I add to that stress. While I watched from a distance (I have a long lens!), three different bands came to drink. The first band stallion chased away the second momentarily, then the second and third bands drank together. They were still in the arroyo when I slipped away.



5 responses

3 07 2018
Maggie Frazier

So the horses know where to go for water – which is as it should be. Does sound as if other herds are having more of a problem in this heat.

3 07 2018

Beautiful photo! The respect you have for the mustangs is apparent in your descriptions and your wonderful photos – thanks TJ for not only sharing the photo, but also teaching us that the mustangs know how to share fresh water our of respect for one another – another lesson for us humans!!

3 07 2018
Sue Story

This photo brings me much happiness! 🙂 Sometimes our prayers are answered in ways we don’t expect or know about right away.

5 07 2018

I applaud your steady hand with that long lens.

6 07 2018

Any one who knows you, understands how you hike miles to observe these wild horses and would never cause any harm. Seriously!

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