How did the mustang cross the rocky wash?

11 04 2018


Like a mustang.

Duh. 🙂


He was very particular about where he placed his hooves, and he tested the placement of that hoof a couple of times before he stepped across.


He completed the crossing by lunging up the other side, and brush got in the way, so this is the last best photo.

Mustangs = sure-footed. 🙂



5 responses

11 04 2018
Stephanie Brinkman

He is breathtaking!

11 04 2018
Karen Schmiede

He is smarter than some people. He makes sure the way is safe.

11 04 2018

That’s the coolest series of photos I’ve seen, TJ! A true testament to how intelligent, agile and surefooted our mustangs are.

11 04 2018

Life is like this, huh? Step by step!

11 04 2018
Sue Story

How well they know the lay of their land! Smart and careful…and gorgeous!

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