Up, up they go

10 04 2018

Comanche's band, west end of Knife Edge

We don’t have normal mustangs in Spring Creek Basin. We have mountain-climbing mustangs!

They did eventually graze their way down to “lower pastures.” … Comanche’s band wasn’t the only band testing their mountain hooves. Hollywood’s band was in a place that looked even more precarious. They were even farther, though, and harder to photograph.

They’re looking, looking, looking for the precious – and precious little – green coming up this spring.



3 responses

10 04 2018
Sue Story

Even mustangs can become “mountain goats!” Where there is a will – or need – there is a way; where there is green, they will find it.

10 04 2018
Kim Airhart

The Mustang…….Wild Horse, magnificent, adaptable, strong, beautiful, enduring, Spirit of Freedom and Grace……. God, Creator of All, bless the Range of the Wild and protect the wild Creatures always, from Evil men of destruction.

11 04 2018

My goodness!

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