22 03 2018

Shane, Hollywood

From American Wild Horse Campaign:

The Omnibus spending bill is finally out, and America’s horses are protected for the next six months!

This is huge! Congress heard the voice of the American people and maintained protections for wild horses and burros against slaughter and mass killing. The spending bill also maintains the de facto ban on U.S. horse slaughter by continuing the prohibition for federal funding of USDA horsemeat inspections.



6 responses

22 03 2018
Maggie Frazier

It IS huge – thanks to all the people who spoke up. Now if only they would really do something about the HMAs & HAs. Get the livestock out of there at least. That WOULD be a battle!

22 03 2018
Sue Story

YES! 🙂 Our little voices do count for something! I am so happy for our mustangs today…but the battle goes on. Thanks for the news, TJ.

22 03 2018
Karen Schmiede

Good news for the horses.

22 03 2018

Six months! Great but we need to keep working for the horses.

24 03 2018
Laurie ward

I’m happy for a little breathing room. Thanks for all your posts. It helps to see what we’re fighting to keep!

24 03 2018

That’s definitely a big reason why I show off these beauties to the world. 🙂

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