Holding that peace

20 03 2018


This isn’t an image I would ordinarily consider sharing on the blog. … But the quality of the light, matching the peace of the quietly grazing mustang mares is simply divine.

And that is infinitely worth sharing.


From American Wild Horse Campaign:

Since we’re expecting some sort of action on either Thursday or Friday of next week in Congress, we thought it might be a good idea to have a final, collective push to urge our supporters to contact their Congressperson as well as leadership.

We could call it Take Action Tuesday and have the push on Tuesday, March 20. The Call to Action would be:

1. Call the Leadership of the House and Senate. See numbers below. Simply deliver this message (or however your group would specifically like to word it):

 “I’m calling to urge Senator/Representative _____ to keep horse slaughter out of 2018 spending legislation by maintaining the Senate versions of Agriculture and Interior Appropriations bills. Please stand with the 80% of Americans who oppose horse slaughter and want our wild horses and burros protected and humanely managed, not killed or slaughtered.”

  1. Contact your own Representative and Senators now. Tell them that you stand with the 80% of Americans who oppose killing wild horses and burros and want them protected and humanely managed on our public lands. 202-224-3121



6 responses

20 03 2018

Thank you TJ, it certainly brings PEACE to my day. Wishing all the Grace of Nature today

20 03 2018
Maggie Frazier

Hope everyone who reads & comments here will call & make their opinions known – today is the day they vote on possibly “euthanizing” 40 some thousand of OUR wild horses! Wrongfully rounded up & imprisoned – now they are in danger of losing their lives. The herd represented here is so fortunate having been watched over & cared for. Not many are so lucky.

20 03 2018
Maggie Frazier

Sorry – wasn’t very clear here – its the 2018 budget bill where this is being considered today, as we are being told.

20 03 2018

Thanks Maggie. I’ll add some language to the post that I received over the weekend.

20 03 2018
Karen Schmiede

Beautiful picture!

20 03 2018
Sue Story

I’m glad you shared this photo, TJ; it does evoke a sense of tranquility and comfort – just like the mustangs do in person. And thanks for the reminder to call government officials…and call again. No to mustang slaughter!

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