Steppin’ out

18 02 2018

Corazon and Reya

Corazon and his ladylove, Reya, match steps in the soft light of early evening in Spring Creek Basin.


17 02 2018

Iya; La Sal Mountains

The warm weather has melted the ice on the ponds. But the weather folks say we’re about to get cold again after the weekend. As long as we get some moisture, I think we can take anything.

Just another gorgeous red girl

16 02 2018

Gaia, Temple Butte, McKenna Peak

Gaia the gorgeous is such a cover model. 🙂

She does a heart – not good – but wonderful!

The grey and the blue

15 02 2018

Comanche; La Sal Mountains

Comanche the handsome walks along the bank of one of the ponds after his band drank.

We’ve had some drizzly rain in Disappointment Valley. We’re hoping for more. 🙂

Be my valentine

14 02 2018

Comanche, Aurora and Piedra; La Sal Mountains

Love is best when multiplied. 🙂

Because …

13 02 2018

Killian; Temple Butte

… why WOULDN’T you have many pix of handsome Killian and Temple Butte?! 🙂

Picnic spot

12 02 2018

Tenaz, Madi ... La Sal Mountains

Tenaz’s band picked a lovely spot to picnic in Spring Creek Basin with a view northwest to the La Sal Mountains in Utah.

Her little fuzziness

11 02 2018


How is it that little red Tesora always seems to glow with such fiery light?

Such beauty

10 02 2018


Mariah. Could she be any more gorgeous?

Dirty pretty muddy girl

9 02 2018


It’s dry, but we have ponds, and we have mud. And our forecast looks promising for some wet stuff on Saturday. Cross your fingers!