Rising and rising

1 02 2018

Almost-full moon rising overDisappointment Valley.

The moon rose hugely Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes early enough to *see* the bloody lunar eclipse but not quite early enough to get out and capture the bloody lunar eclipse on digital media. I’m not sure whether it disappeared for lack of light (it was pretty dim when I did see it, with just a sliver of silver moon showing at the very bottom of the orb) or whether clouds obscured it. Noticeably, no stars were visible in a fairly wide band above the horizon. By the time the sky was light enough to see detail, bloody clouds (they weren’t red …) were low above the western ridges.

But sunrise was briefly and sweetly – one might say bloody – spectacular. 🙂

Sunrise, morning of the super blue bloody moon eclipse.

Why yes, Virginia, that IS Temple Butte, silhouetted against the dawn. 🙂

Did you see the eclipse? How awed were you?? Share in the comments! 🙂



9 responses

1 02 2018
Alice Billings

We were in heavy cloud cover here in ridgwsy Didn’t really see the eclipse itself. Was outside with the herd from 5:15-7 am. Stood with them. Very peaceful. And saw a sky that was similar to your photo. Very awesome. Bloody sky. I prefer to think that it was a reflection of the moon’s color. It was spectacular.

1 02 2018

I wish I’d gotten up that early! “Very peaceful” – in the early morning with your horses. 🙂 Love that.

1 02 2018

I did not plan on getting the family up and out to see the eclipse. But thankfully we were all able to watch it from my son’s bedroom window. My son and I were the most thrilled. My wife and daughter weren’t quite as enthusiastic. My son asked me, in his eight-year-old enthusiasm, “Dad, have I EVER seen one of these before?”

1 02 2018

That’s awesome! 🙂 Hope he remembers when he’s 18. This collision of events hadn’t happened for 152 years … but I think I read that the next one will be in about a decade? A fun family event!

1 02 2018

I did not get up early enough!
Beautiful picture.

1 02 2018

I didn’t, either! Just early enough for a glimpse … it was good. 🙂

1 02 2018

Here in CA between 5-6AM local time the night sky was clear and filled with stars. The moon was already up, normal size, but red . I was expecting to see a defined line when it came out of the shadow, but that never happened. It just became white as it became dawn.
I think my expectations were too high or my timing was off. None of the pix on phone were any good.
But I’m happy I witnessed the unique event. It was a special point in time and important to acknowledge it. I’m looking forward to the next.

1 02 2018

Only 10 years to wait for the next one, I think? 🙂 Thanks for your detailed description! It seemed very small here – photos taken with super telephoto lenses that make it look gigantic might have had all our expectations high. But like you, I thought it was super cool to see the special event, however briefly! 🙂

1 02 2018
Sue Story

Wow, TJ, great pics!

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