Not destroyed, definitely not starving

3 10 2017



It doesn’t get much more obvious than this.




6 responses

3 10 2017

Not only beautiful but truth, visual truth , that the horses have food to eat on open range.

3 10 2017

thanks to TJ’s advocacy, her persistence and diplomacy in providing what SCB Mustangs need and Mother Nature!! Have a beautiful and Peaceful day SCB animals and humans!!!!

3 10 2017
Maggie Frazier

Carol Walker put more pictures & text up from the Salt Wells roundup – the horses there look like the horses here in these pictures – well fed – healthy AND with plenty to eat. I did see skinny, unhealthy pictures – but they were at one of the BLM’s holding pens! Makes me sick to see these happy free animals chased off their homes & shuttled away to what??

3 10 2017

Those grasses are grama and alkali sacaton, by the way.

3 10 2017
Kim Airhart

We need to get Tj’s TRUTH pictures to Congress!!!!!

4 10 2017
Maggie Frazier

I read today that the BLM’s “advisory board” will be in Grand Junction Col. the middle of this month – they will be “touring” the Little Book Cliffs HMA. Hopefully there will be no attempt to tell how starving the horses are!

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