Poster girl

2 10 2017

Temple, McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

Shout from Spring Creek Basin:

We are #NOTSTARVING, and our range is #NOTDESTROYED.

Just in case anyone still believes anything else.





4 responses

2 10 2017
Maggie Frazier

Absolutely NO doubt in my mind, TJ

2 10 2017

The wild horses of Spring Creek Basin are so good looking. The range is healthy and the antelope, elk and deer are roaming as free.
Great picture.

2 10 2017
E. Puller Lanigan


3 10 2017
Kim Airhart

1 picture of a healthy, thriving wild horse on a flourishing range………..Says so much more than any dishonest or corrupt proposal…….because the picture of the horse and range IS TRUTH!!!!!

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