Green and grey and brown

5 09 2017


Browns are creeping back into our landscape as the sun blazes and the clouds – the ones swollen with rain – seem to have abandoned us. But it’s fall, and crispness – and maybe some rain – will be in our forecast (eventually).




4 responses

5 09 2017

Rain. Would be nice! But not this week.! Green needs to be the landscape.

5 09 2017
Sue Story

It is difficult to lose that magnificent green out there, but fall will have its way, and gold will be the color of the day. Still, whatever color the land might be, those mustangs remain drop-dead beautiful!

6 09 2017

So much of the West could use rain now. The fires are terrible! So glad the ponies are safe from the fires.

7 09 2017
Ana Elliott

Rain would be welcome, I see the haze in the sky from fires in the picture.
It is thick here in Grd Jct can hardly see the Grand Mesa because of all the smoke.

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