Always in style

4 09 2017


A black mustang is always gorgeous and always in style. 🙂 Raven is one of the gorgeousest!




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4 09 2017
Sue Story

She is a head-turner for sure! Always love that Raven.

4 09 2017

Thanks marti on behalf of these wonderful critters! Good to talk with you – too bad it was so short a conversation! How is the oil painting coming? I’m sure Helen can give you some excellent tips. You know so much already so you are certainly not a beginner. Take care, J

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5 09 2017

?? I think your message was meant for someone else, Jeri. 🙂 Hope you and Vern and Asher and all of YOUR critters are doing well!

4 09 2017
E. Puller Lanigan


4 09 2017
E. Puller Lanigan

Who is going an oil painting of Raven?

4 09 2017

All I can say is WOW!

6 09 2017

Such a lovely lady.

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