Still shaggy

5 04 2017

Spirit and Puzzle; Brumley Point

Brumley Point looks like some kind of dormant volcano in this stormy image of spotted girls Spirit and Puzzle.

We’re so grateful for the rain we’ve gotten lately in Southwest Colorado, and particularly in Spring Creek Basin and greater Disappointment Valley. This is the fuel our grasses need to feed our wildlife.

Though they’re shedding, the horses still have shaggy coats. Nature knows what it knows. We watch it unfold with great anticipation.




4 responses

5 04 2017

You found the marching duof! How did they be in synch?

5 04 2017
Kathryn Wilder

Amazing girls, amazing light, amazing photographer, amazing grace.

5 04 2017

I see lots of green peeking out! Spirit is a big girl now. Wow! How time flies, it seems like yesterday she was just a tiny foal. Beautiful girls.

6 04 2017
Sue Story

Pretty pintos in the coming storm – very cool photo.

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