3 04 2017

Kwana, Temple Butte

For just about every photo I take of the horses, in Spring Creek Basin, my impulse for a blog post is to type “handsome,” “gorgeous,” “beautiful,” “phenomenal,” “stunning” …

And who would blame me?


Kwana is all of those and more. So very much, wonderfully more. They all are!



4 responses

3 04 2017
Kathryn Wilder

Looking so much like his daddy :-). Everything in this pic is handsome, gorgeous, phenomenal, stunning, and, yes, more….

3 04 2017
Kathryn Wilder

Left out beautiful. Totally, stunningly beautiful…

3 04 2017
Sue Story

I’ll take all those words…and raise you one…or three – “amazing” and “magnificent” and “exquisite” and…well, heck, let’s just go all Merriam-Webster why don’t we! Our mustangs are truly beyond description. 🙂

3 04 2017

No blame here! I agree with the words that fit the horse are simple words for complex animals.

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