King of his hill

7 12 2016

Mule deer buck in Spring Creek Basin.

This totally cuuuuuute local guy walked by in Spring Creek Basin the other day. I was smitten at first glance, but he kept on a’walkin’. 🙂




8 responses

7 12 2016

TJ, thank you for bringing these beauties into my world every morning. I am grateful to you for your kindness in showing the beauty that God has placed on earth.

7 12 2016

Believe me, I share the same sense of wonder at the miracle of nature. Every single day, I wake up grateful to be in this most gorgeous of places. 🙂 Thanks!

7 12 2016

What a pose! He survived hunting season. Fabulous!

7 12 2016

Oh my gosh!! What a beautiful photo and animal!
Thanks for sharing with us TJ😊

7 12 2016
Karen Schmiede

What a great looking buck. He does look like a king.

7 12 2016

He was certainly wanting to share with you a message – and I think you got it in your caption – thank you again for sharing all of the beauty and wild of your area. What a treat for those of us who experience through your thoughts and photos!!

7 12 2016
Sue Story

T.J., what can I say – just absolutely stunning, both the subject and your photography! And I’m so glad he eluded the orange-jacketed ones so recently crawling through Disappointment!

7 12 2016

So true!!! I was going to title it “Survivor” … but this one seemed most appropriate. 🙂 Lots of deer are moving through now that all (most of) the humanoids are gone again.

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