Little poo

5 10 2016

Colt in Sand Wash Basin band of blue-eyed sorrel stallion (dam is grey).

That little punkin’ is blowing a raspberry at me!

Mare and colt in the band of a blue-eyed sorrel stallion in Sand Wash Basin.

He and his marvelous mama (and big brother?) are with some other horses in a band led by a hunky sorrel stallion with one gorgeous blue eye – and one equally beautiful brown eye. 🙂



6 responses

5 10 2016


5 10 2016

TJ, it is so fun to see the mustangs through your eyes! You have been sharing just how much fun you had visiting a new herd. Thanks for photographing your newest Angel!!

5 10 2016

He’s going to be a little hunk when he grows up!!!

5 10 2016
Sue Story

These mustangs are all just so beautiful, TJ. Thanks for sharing the Sand Wash Basin herd with us for awhile!

13 10 2016

He is so darn cute – a cute little devil indeed.

14 10 2016
Marilyn Colyer

TJ you sure got a cute photo here.

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