6 10 2016

Lieutenant stallion in Sand Wash Basin.

This big boy was the lieutenant stallion for the band yesterday’s colt is in. The blue-eyed boy was more interested in grazing than in the photographer, but I might finally have gotten a pic of him the next morning.

This guy gleams like he has been groomed. Must be all that gooooood livin’ in Sand Wash Basin!

Thank you all for indulging my photo gallery of Sand Wash Basin mustangs! Our Spring Creek Basin mustangs are doing very well, and we’ve had a tiny bit of rain here and there. I still have some photos from Sand Wash Basin, so if you’ll indulge me a little longer … 🙂




5 responses

6 10 2016

Love the pics! Many thanks TJ, hoping everyone stays healthy and in place in Sand Wash!!

6 10 2016
Sue Story

Rather than being an indulgence, TJ, continuing to see photos of the Sand Wash Basin mustangs is a great privilege, so blog away with more! 🙂

6 10 2016
Karen Schmiede

How handsome he is!

6 10 2016

Love it.

7 10 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Fat is such a pretty mustang color!

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